Mold grow is prevalent both indoors and outdoors. It normally is not a problem for healthy people unless the level of mold growth, or type of mold growth gets out of hand. Mold requires a warm humid space, and food to grow from. These conditions can be formed in areas of your properties that are inaccessible and impossible to be seen or detected through normal means. The cold can produce spores that can spread through the ventilation system and cause moldy air, which can cause adverse health effects. Certain people can be more sensitive to moldy air, especially children.

Look out for symptoms of mold exposure such as

–          Skin irritation

–          A constant mild cough

–          Congestion

–          Interrupted sleep

–          Shortness of breath

If you exhibit these symptoms constantly seemingly without cause, it might be time to book a mold inspection with professional services such as us to come by and inspect your home for any dangers.

Mold may grow due to a number of different issues that allow moisture in your home while also limiting air flow. These issues can include

–          Poor ventilation

–          Leaks in the roof

–          Damaged plumbing leading to water drainage within the walls

–          Damage to the building’s foundation allowing water to enter

–          Poor humidity control within the home

We will do a detailed and extensive inspection of your property to ensure we know if mold is present. If it is we can also use our tools, technology and expertise to determine where the location of the source, and how widespread within the property the mold has become.

What can be done

We do have a variety of techniques at our disposal to be able to clear out and remove mold, as well as stop it from spreading. This includes specialized tools and chemical solutions. We will find and use the right tool for the job to ensure that your property becomes mold free.

There are also things you can do the ensure your home or business remains mold free for the future. These practices include:

–          Performing regular inspections in the building’s foundation looking for cracks or leaks

–          Make sure that any exterior vents are properly functioning and aren’t blocked

–          Familiarize yourself with your home’s plumbing and lookout for signs of water leakage along the pipes

–          Use a dehumidifier during the more humid months, especially if you tend to leave windows open.

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