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There are a number of signs every property owner should be looking out for that signal the potential presence of mold. If there is an unusual amount of moisture present in indoors spaces, or if there is visible mold, these are signs that there is a problem at hand. If your property has recently suffered water damage, such as indoor pipe leakage or flooding, call us immediately. It is better to assess and combat the situation preemptively.

As a professional restoration service provider, we have the tools and expertise necessary to be able to assess and inspect your indoor spaces and determine whether the conditions for mold growth are present, and where those conditions are located. Tools that allow us to be thorough and measure the scope of the problem, since mold is difficult to detect otherwise.

Sampling the air can be necessary to determine whether the presence of microscopic mold spores present a health risk to those inside. This procedure will result in an indoor air quality assessment.

All this of this comes together in a report detailing all the variables together such as level of contamination, type of mold, areas affected. These variables define the process and outlines the scope of the work to be done for removal.


Frequently asked quesions

What is mold?

Mold is a natural byproduct of the environment. It is a type of fungal growth that forms and reproduces on wet materials. It is vital in the decomposition of organic matter. Mold reproduces through spores, which are essentially tiny seeds too small to see. That being said, mold growth indoors within homes should be avoided, as it could pose dangerous health hazards.

How does mold grow?

Mold is widespread in our environment and oftentimes, is impossible to spot or detect with the unaided human eye. Mold can grow on most surfaces in the presence of moisture. Generally, the amount of mold found indoors remains at levels that do not cause any effects in healthy people. It takes certain conditions for mold to thrive, and when given those conditions, spores can form fungal colonies.

What to look out for?

It is important to note the optimal conditions for mold to form and watch for these conditions in your home. Building materials, especially those found in home construction, are susceptible to mold growth.

Significant mold growth requires a food source, moisture and warmth. Air currents are also a significant factor that affects indoor spaces differently depending on the season. Materials like wood fabric and cardboard provide food for the mold to grow on. Removing any of these contributing factors from your home will significantly inhibit the growth mold.

Look out for signs of water damages that you can find on the surfaces of your home, generally the walls or ceilings. Mold growth can also lead to a detectable smell, an indicator that there may be hidden mold somewhere.

Why is mold removal important?

The development and growth of mold is a natural part of the environmental process of breaking down and recycling dead organic matter. So, one may wonder why this could be a such a problem. While a natural process, building materials are common surfaces for mold to grow on. Mold in indoor spaces can lead to a number of problems. Not only can your property be irreversibly damaged, certain types of mold, and level of mold present can pose serious health risks.

Mold is widespread, and there is sure to be some level of mold growth essentially everywhere. Under normal conditions, the levels of mold present within a home should not affect healthy people. Though different people have different levels of sensitivity to mold, some may be allergic. In higher concentrations, they can cause allergic reactions, and respiratory problems in healthy people.

There exist many different types of mold, certain types of mold are capable of producing toxic chemicals that pose serious healthy risks. This is referred to as “Toxic mold”. Exposure to high levels of these toxins, especially over a prolonged period of time can lead to neurological damage.

If you experience symptoms such as congestion, runny nose, eye irritation, or other respiratory problems seemingly with no cause, you should call a professional and inspect your home for mold.

what are the Frequent causes of the mold growth?

There can be many causes that allow for the significant growth of mold in your home. Some of the frequent ones are:

  1. Leaky ceilings/roofs : Water that leaks in from the outside contributes to moisture in the environment for mold to thrive on
  2. Plumbing problems: Problems with indoor water carrying pipes, like leaky or burst pipes contribute to mold growth.
  3. Flooding: In areas where flooding could be a problem, precautions must be taken against the major buildup of water.
  4. Airflow problems: Indoor spaces that are both too airtight, or allow for too much airflow could both lead to mold problems depending on the season. Insulating humid air within a home, as well as allowing warm air to flow through and condense in different areas could both lead to mold.

What can be done when mold growth is found?

If you have been subject to recent water damage, or you suspect there are favorable conditions in your home for mold growth, call us. We are a professional restoration service that can assess your home and provide a reasonable plan of action.

We can identify the cause of mold growth to ensure that the source of the problem is dealt with as to not allow mold to regrow.

Once mold is identified, we can start on the process of containment and removal, this is important to not allow the growth to proliferate in your home. Our services are excellent and will provide the safest avenue to ensure your home stays mold free.


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I called these guys as i had some water damage in my basement from the plumbing up stairs and they found the problém fast, quickly they fix it and now im happy not to have any mold growth in my home!
I called This company last week for some mold removal in my basement to get it remediate and they I can't think them enough for the help that I got from Tyler ( Project Manager ) as he did a great job! I would call again this company! Once again Thank you!
Very amazing plumbing and cleaning work. I appreciate this team. I recommended all the staff of this team.

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